A Taiwanese Man Found Dead After Missing in Thousand Islands

Minggu, 17 Maret 2024 – 11:00 WIB

Jakarta – A foreign national from Taiwan, Shi Yi (48), has been confirmed dead after going missing after KM Parikudus capsized in the waters of Rambut Island, Thousand Islands.

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“The victim is dead,” said Agung Priambodo, head of the rescue team, on Friday.

Priambodo explained that the victim was found quite far from the location of the sinking.

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When found, the victim was still in one piece. Regarding the development of this case, it can be asked to the police, he continued.

Ilustrasi kapal terbalik.

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“For more details, please confirm with the police,” he said.

As information, the victim has been missing for 5 days since the incident on March 11. Successfully found on Friday at 10:10 am.

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17 Maret 2024

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